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Social Security Disability Attorneys Naples

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If a medical condition has stopped you from working, you’re dealing with extreme stress over your health and finances. You need support from someone who focuses entirely on getting the benefits you need.

At the Law Offices of John Hurley, we are 100% dedicated to Social Security Disability law. Whether you’re applying for benefits for the first time or if you need help appealing your denial, Social Security Disability help is just a phone call away. John Hurley has helped people win disability benefits for over 40 years. Let him help you.

National firms don’t give you the personal attention you deserve, but John Hurley will meet with you several times during the process, answer your questions, and explain all of the complicated Social Security rules to you.

How We Help You: Key Questions to Ask a Disability Lawyer

Is Social Security Disability a substantial part of your practice?

Social Security Disability is the only thing we do. And that’s important because our attention is focused completely on the rules and procedures of the complicated disability system. We don’t divide our time energy with other areas of law. We are 100% dedicated to this.

How long have you been practicing Social Security Disability Law?

With representation from John Hurley, you get one of the most experienced people in the field of disability law. He’s been helping people win benefits for over 40 years. That gives him deep knowledge of the system, which he brings to your case.

Are you local to Southwest Florida?

Yes, and it makes a big difference for your claim. Being from Naples means we know the doctors in Southwest Florida who provide important medical records and the administrative law judges who make crucial decisions. It also means we get to know you and provide individual care and attention for your claim. A national firm more likely will treat you like a number.

Will you meet with me before my hearing?

Absolutely. John Hurley believes strongly in meeting with you in person before you face an administrative law judge. He believes in talking with you personally at many stages in the process. There’s no substitute for individual, personal care for your case.

Will an attorney handle my case?

Yes. Attorney John Hurley or attorney Kristen Taylor will personally handle your case. This matters because the Social Security Administration allows non-lawyer advocates to help people apply for disability benefits. They can help file your initial application. The problem is most initial applications are denied, and then you need the training and expertise of a lawyer to help you. Appealing your claim can mean appearing before an administrative law judge, or taking your case to court. Attorneys are well qualified to handle those steps.

Do you take phone appointments?

Yes. You can call us for a free evaluation of your case. You also can call us to get an appointment the same day or the next day to start your claim. We make ourselves available and accessible to you, a service you might not get with a national firm.

Do you take initial applications?

Yes. In fact, you can benefit greatly from having an experienced attorney work with you from the beginning of the application process. At the Law Offices of John Hurley, when we start with your first application, we create a strategy for the entire process. It’s easy to make mistakes on your initial application that complicate, delay or hurt your case later on. We make sure your application is strong.

Call us today to get started with a free evaluation of your disability claim.