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for Social Security Disability, it can be hard to pay your medical bills, and to support yourself and your family.

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    Social Security Disability Appeal in Naples

    Was Your Claim for Disability Benefits Denied?

    Just because Social Security denied your claim, it doesn’t mean it’s the end of the road. Attorney John Hurley can help you appeal. It’s frustrating when you know you can’t work but the Social Security Administration still denies your claim. Social Security Disability Appeal in NaplesAppealing on your own can be a complicated and stressful process. Get help from a disability attorney to help with your appeal.

    Most people who apply for the first time are denied. John Hurley will do everything possible to help take your case from denied to approved.

    There are four levels of appeal:

    • Reconsideration – A review of the claim by someone who did not take part in the first decision. The original evidence is reviewed along with any new information you provide.
    • Hearing by an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) – For our area, these typically take place in the Social Security Administration offices. Most cases are won at this level.
    • Review by Appeals Council – If the ALJ denies your case, you may ask the Appeals Council to review that decision. The Appeals Council may return your case to the ALJ for a new hearing.
    • Federal Court Review – If you disagree with the Appeals Council decision, you can file a lawsuit in Federal District Court. You must have an attorney admitted to practice before the U.S. District Court to represent you at this level!

    If you were denied, it’s not the end, contact us to talk about your case.

    Important – If you received a denial letter, the clock is ticking. Don’t risk missing the deadline to appeal!


    Your hearing before an Administration Law Judge (ALJ) is usually the most crucial part of your case. This is your best chance to present your medical evidence in person. This is the time to get help from an experienced Social Security Disability attorney. John Hurley has helped thousands of people in the Southwest Florida area turn their denials into approvals.

    John Hurley will:

    • analyze your Social Security file
    • prepare your case and set the strategy
    • gather additional evidence from your doctors and medical providers
    • prepare your testimony
    • question witnesses
    • cross-examine any medical and vocational experts who testify at your hearing
    • appeal your case on the federal level if necessary

    John has years of experience presenting evidence before ALJs to give you the best chance to get the benefits you deserve.

    You’re more likely to win your case with an experienced lawyer on your side.

    According to Social Security’s own statistics, you’re more likely to win benefits when you have legal help. Because there are no legal fees if you don’t win benefits, the decision to get legal representation should be an easy one. Contact John Hurley today for a free evaluation of your claim.

          Let's talk about Social Security Disability benefits. Were you turned down for Social Security Disability benefits? If you can't work you may still be entitled to benefits. For 30 years I've helped people appeal their denials. I'm John Hurley. Don't give up, you can fight back. Call me to appeal. Call the John Hurley Law Firm, 1-888-263-6861 for a free evaluation of your claim.