Disability Qualifications for Mental Illness

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    Disability for Mental Illness in Naples, FL

    If a mental health condition has stopped you from working and you’re dealing with extreme stress, Social Security Disability benefits could give you a measure of peace.

    Remember, Social Security Disability isn’t just for physical impairments. Social Security covers mental health problems, too. So you shouldn’t hesitate to apply for benefits.

    But it can be difficult to qualify with a mental illness because these conditions are often harder to see and harder for health care providers to confirm than physical ailments.

    You need support from a professional who knows how to build a mental illness benefit claim and give you the best chance for success.

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    Does My Mental Health Condition Qualify?

    A place to start for more information on qualifying mental health conditions is the Social Security Administration’s “Blue Book.”

    It lists impairments including mental disorders that qualify adults or children for benefits.

    Each disorder has its own criteria. Disability examiners review notes from mental health professionals, responses by third parties (such as friends contacted about a claimant’s condition and typical daily routine) and information from a questionnaire on daily activities.

    But examiners are not licensed psychiatrists and may not fully understand the limitations that go with a particular mental illness. Or they may think someone is lazy or faking it in order to qualify for benefits.

    It can make a real difference if you’re represented by experienced lawyers like the ones at the John Hurley law office, who focus entirely on Social Security Disability cases.

    Even if your condition doesn’t exactly match one in the Blue Book, you could still qualify if you have another diagnosed mental illness that makes it impossible for you to function in a work setting.

    And having a condition that meets a specific criteria doesn’t guarantee approval. The severity of your condition will determine your claim’s success. You just need the right evidence and documentation.

    We know all the rules and how the system works. John Hurley has more than 40 years of experience building successful disability applications for people like you.

    Examples of Qualifying Mental Health Problems:

    Anxiety disorders can cause extreme fear and discomfort. Some people worry about being judged by others, or about being publicly humiliated. Anxiety can cause sleep problems, difficulty concentrating and obsessive behaviors. It affects people of all ages. Symptoms can range from mild to extremely debilitating. If anxiety is keeping you from working and leading a normal life, you may qualify for SSD benefits.

    Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is often caused by a traumatic event that you experienced or witnessed. It causes intense fear, helplessness or horror. Many recover given enough time and coping mechanisms, but some people have significant symptoms that interfere with life. Any traumatic event suffered by an adult or child can cause PTSD. If you’re significantly restricted in your normal daily activities, have difficulty functioning socially, struggle to maintain concentration, fail to follow through on tasks or have worsening symptoms over extended times, you may qualify for SSD.

    Depression causes sufferers to feel hopeless and sad. They often suffer from low self-esteem, sleep issues, low energy, difficultly concentrating and feelings of guilt or worthlessness. You may qualify for benefits if depression is affecting your daily activities, social functioning, ability to finish tasks or ability to enjoy pleasurable activities.

    Bipolar disorder is known for periods of extreme euphoria followed by severe depression. You may qualify for SSD if you have a history of consistent manic or depressive periods or a combination of both. If you have a severe limitation on daily activity, an inability to interact with others normally, or recurring episodes of deteriorating mental health, you may be eligible for SSD.

    Other mental health conditions covered by Social Security Disability include:

    • schizophrenia
    • autism
    • obsessive-compulsive disorder
    • personality disorders
    • eating disorders

    Attorney John Hurley has decades of experience helping people win benefits when mental health conditions disrupt their lives.

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