Qualifying Impairments for Disability


Once you're denied benefits, the clock starts ticking. Don't wait too long. You might miss the deadline to appeal.

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Qualifying Impairments for Social Security Disability

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Qualify for Social Security in Naples

When you can’t work because of bad health, it feels like your life is about to collapse. You want to earn an honest living, but you can’t.

And the bills keep coming. When your physical pain is compounded by financial stress, it’s overwhelming.

This is when Social Security Disability benefits become extremely helpful. They ease your worry in a time of severe stress.

You probably wonder: Does my condition qualify me for these benefits?

If your health prevents you from working, you should qualify, but getting benefits can be more complicated than that.

Attorney John Hurley has been helping people win Social Security Disability benefits for more than 30 years. He can guide you through this complex process and ensure you have the best chance to get the benefits you deserve.

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Does My Impairment Qualify me for Social Security Disability Benefits?

Our attorneys have seen a wide range of ailments get approved for benefits, including:

  • Anxiety
  • Autism
  • Back pain
  • Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Hearing loss
  • Heart failure
  • Lupus
  • Mental illness
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Ulcerative colitis

If you have any of these impairments—or any others—that make working impossible, contact John Hurley’s legal team today so we can evaluate your case for free.

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Get Help with Your Benefits Claim—Even If Your Impairment Isn’t on the List

Social Security maintains an official list of impairments that qualify you for benefits, including many of the conditions above. Even if your impairment isn’t on the list, you can still qualify for benefits by getting a proper assessment of how your health limits your daily activity. Our lawyers can help you figure out the best path for you. Don’t try to get benefits alone. The system is full of opportunities for mistakes at every step.

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Proving Your Impairment to Social Security

Even though it should be simple, the Social Security Administration can be strict on who gets benefits. Most applicants are denied on their first try.

You can still win benefits through an appeal, which involves its own separate legal system and multi-step process.

You need someone on your side. A Government Accountability Office study found that you’re almost three times more likely to win benefits when you see a disability judge if you have a representative with you.

For an appeal, you need to be prepared with the right materials, such as:

  • Medical records
  • Test results
  • Doctor’s opinions
  • Testimonials from physicians, coworkers and/or family members

Your impairment must also fit the following general rules:

  • Makes you unable to perform your current job
  • Keeps you from switching to a different line of work
  • Will last for at least a year

The experienced attorneys at the Hurley law firm can help you gather the right documents to make your strongest case.

If you’re in Naples, Ft. Myers or anywhere in Southwest Florida and need help getting Social Security Disability benefits, call us today. Let us focus on the details. You focus on feeling your best.

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